Frederick's Journal

This is the first entry into my diary to record the events that have recently taken place.

I’ve been watching Hans scribbling away in some book so feel it is appraise to prevent an inaccurate recording of events. After I met the witches and carried out the ritual they demanded, I was immediately transported hundreds of kilometres to the west to some adventurers In the basement of a warehouse. I believe this must be entangled in the withes promise that I would attain power and immortality and so will continue with this feckless lot. I now seem to be a lot faster, much stronger and beguiling than before although my complexion has faded somewhat. The sight of blood seems to overpower me sometimes. Lately anger and sorrow seem to be been effecting me a lot.

In the last adventure I gallantly accepted to me the envoy for the vessel which wanted parlance, unfortunately I let slip that we were associates of the guild which resulted in my capture….



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