Relic of Torus - Adventure Summary

GM Summary of Events

The party are woken up in the middle of the night and discover a murdered body in the village square of Bethel. Gregor Schulz asks them to assist his investigations which leads them to the Grundkirk. They console the wife of the murdered gypsy man. She is catatonic in her despair about her missing children. Not wishing to leave her in the rain Siegmeyer ‘Sieg’ Schtauffen brings her along.

The party encounter raised dead, fitted with bionic attachments, in the graveyard of the Grundkirk. They watch in shock as Gregor Schulz is beheaded by some trap. After defeating them, they rescue the two children who depart for safety with their mother. The party investigate one of the crypts and Zytas makes a racket gaining access through the roof.

The main Grundkirk building is sealed in some necrotic force field and the nearby well is covered with ghostly ivy that corrupts Zytas. Unexpectedly, the forcefield drops and one of the party is teleported within its walls, to confront a foul plant-like abomination whose corrupted roots have spread within the pews. After a short struggle, the abomination’s spawns and possessed bats and rats are defeated by the party.

Whilst catching their breath, Deacon Bazmarl enters the Grundkirk and accuses them of stealing a book. Gregor Schulz, quite alive, and several deputies come and arrest the party. They are taken to the Gaol in the Constabulary where they meet Rsazhek.

In the morning, Mayor Adelson holds an arraignment for the party and they are to be sentenced to death when they make their escape. Fleeing into nearby Thalonwood, they encounter a lumberjack who informs them he heard constables chasing after a gypsy woman and her two children in the early hours of the morning. The party follow the trail to the nearby Uliath river and the trail splits in two at the crossing.

The party head up stream and find a cave by a waterfall. There they encounter Graun mercenaries armed with grenades and defeating them, gain entrance into the cave system. Deep inside the caves they discover Entropic cultists worshipping at the feet of an Eldritch machine. Led by the heretic Pang, who was expelled from the Grundkirk for his immoral augmentations, the cultists fight the party. The Eldritch machine hums to life with the sacrifice of the cultists’ blood but unable to full deactivate it, the party let it lie dormant when the last of the cultists is killed.

The party discover a secret passageway that leads all the way to Bethel and out through the corrupted well in the outside yard. Escaping the flooding of machine water, they gain admittance to the Grundkirk.

The party discover that a line of the local population has gathered around a bonfire in the graveyard and are one by one sacrificing themselves to Entropy under the watchful eyes of more cultists. Amongst the bewitched citizens about to die is the mayor and Gregor Schulz. Despite efforts to halt the macabre immolation, the suicidal tendencies cannot be stopped. So the party follow their investigations in the village of Bethel which leads them to the Deacon’s house.

There they are confronted by Deacon Bazmarl who has been fully corrupted by Entropy. Defeating his constructs and living dead, the party put an end to the Deacon’s heresy and return Bethel to normalcy with much thanks from the Mayor and others who are returned to their saner, free selves.



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