The Zwergen Prototype - Adventure Summary

A week after the events of a Relic of Torus, Mayor Adelson calls Rsazhek to assist her creation “Clank” 24601 in investigating events at the Radcliffe Mine where a prototype mining machine has gone missing. There has been no news from the mine, with the last autowagon delivery of the ores made more than a fortnight ago.

The two adventurers head towards the mines where they find Graun deserters have taken camp on the quarry outside the mine. They set ablaze to the Graun and discover the body of Lord Radcliffe in one of the emptied sheds outside the mine, laying in a state of wait.

They head into the mines where more Graun have camped inside. Defeating them, they follow a shaft that leads to an ancient mechanical elevator. The lift takes them deep inside a ruined city that appears to be of Zwergen construction. Breaking through the seals into a vast cavern beneath the ground, they enter catacombs of many Zwergen buildings. There they encounter and defeat constructs built in the image of the Zwergen and their undead guardians .

Their investigations are brought to a mysterious end. Clank awakens on the steps of the Mayor’s office, his oratory circuits malfunctioning and no explanation as to what happened to Rsaz. The Mayor calls Odo Bloodmane, Siegmeyer ‘Sieg’ Schtauffen and Jecht to assist Clank in finding out what happened. The party return to the mine and follow the burned trail left by Rsaz deep into the mine and through to the Zwergen ruins.

Navigating the ruins, they come to a precipice that leads down to the lower level of the city. After much fumbling with rope, Jecht nearly dies in the steep fall. Recovering, the party follow the dry sewers of the the Zergen ruins and encounter a giant Mechanus garbage collector. Flagged as intruders, the party is forced to fight past the construct. The defeated machine’s death cry calls out Ironteeth, a strange kobold creature who is busy excavating the ancient machinery of the Zwergen. Unconvinced by their right to be snooping around, Iroonteeth and his swarm of motes fails to thwart the party and is defeated.

The party barely catch their breath and as they investigate the kobold’s workshop a foul Entropic construct, made of multiple fleshy bodies and Zwergen machine parts, gives them battle. Barely held in check by Odo and Clank, Jecht and Sieg assist to defeat the robot and its automated defense turrets.



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