The Black Legion Part 1
Journey to Brigtoon

Journal of Hans the Oakhearted

I feel compelled to record my journeys on paper because, although the primary purpose of my travels is to further understand the many cycles within cycles of the natural world, it occurs to me that I am but one sapling in the forest of the world’s peoples. My hope is that, just as a traveler has a greater view from the mountain’s peaks, those who come after me might use this manuscript as a vantage point upon which to chart their own expedition through life.

The wheel of the season had turned to the depths of winter, and we had set about preparing some appropriate weather for the frigid months. While out in the wilderness, my party of (largely) like-minded travelers happened upon a zwergen bard of alleged fame. Though I had not heard of him, he had clearly heard of us and had an invitation bearing our names on behalf of the Crafty-Man Guild in Brigtoon. After inviting us to use his boat to travel there (and prematurely ending the life of multiple of the forest’s denizens seemingly for sport), he took his leave.

We were waylaid on the way to the boat’s mooring but common brigands. Although I had no objection to putting the poor cutpurses down, I had a stirring of empathy towards them. Before I was reborn as a follower of the earthmother I lived a life very similar to theirs. I can only hope they have found some measure of peace. We left the bodies unburied; to be reclaimed by the natural cycle. Some might call this cruel or careless but my retort would be that bodies that rot in the ground only benefit the worms and the trees. I body left on the soil’s surface benefits birds, wolves, worms, foxes, rats, flies and any number of other beacons of life.

Our riverbound journey to Brigtoon was where the first troubling signs became apparent. Where there should a natural flow of consumption, predation and replenishment in the lands immediately surrounding Brigtoon I saw a perplexing imbalance. Many starving animals were seen wandering the barren landscape where they should be hibernating. A bear, seemingly hungry and confused, stood alone on the banks of the river. One of my companions, despite my complaints, threw food to it; a further outsider’s impact on an already disturbed system. It is typical of so-called men of science to want to fix problem with further meddling.

The bridges of Brigtoon were a formidable sight, but I fear that for me they were only a symbol of man’s imposition on the natural order, though I suspect the problems I observed had a more tangible origin.

After negotiations with the watch captain on the bridge (who seemed more than a little odd) it became clear that my fears were not unfounded. Martial law, fighting in the streets and even talk of noxious gasses unleashed on the common townsfolk were among rumours we heard. The Craft-Man Guild may not be the gracious hosts we had anticipated.

The Zwergen Prototype - Adventure Summary

A week after the events of a Relic of Torus, Mayor Adelson calls Rsazhek to assist her creation “Clank” 24601 in investigating events at the Radcliffe Mine where a prototype mining machine has gone missing. There has been no news from the mine, with the last autowagon delivery of the ores made more than a fortnight ago.

The two adventurers head towards the mines where they find Graun deserters have taken camp on the quarry outside the mine. They set ablaze to the Graun and discover the body of Lord Radcliffe in one of the emptied sheds outside the mine, laying in a state of wait.

They head into the mines where more Graun have camped inside. Defeating them, they follow a shaft that leads to an ancient mechanical elevator. The lift takes them deep inside a ruined city that appears to be of Zwergen construction. Breaking through the seals into a vast cavern beneath the ground, they enter catacombs of many Zwergen buildings. There they encounter and defeat constructs built in the image of the Zwergen and their undead guardians .

Their investigations are brought to a mysterious end. Clank awakens on the steps of the Mayor’s office, his oratory circuits malfunctioning and no explanation as to what happened to Rsaz. The Mayor calls Odo Bloodmane, Siegmeyer ‘Sieg’ Schtauffen and Jecht to assist Clank in finding out what happened. The party return to the mine and follow the burned trail left by Rsaz deep into the mine and through to the Zwergen ruins.

Navigating the ruins, they come to a precipice that leads down to the lower level of the city. After much fumbling with rope, Jecht nearly dies in the steep fall. Recovering, the party follow the dry sewers of the the Zergen ruins and encounter a giant Mechanus garbage collector. Flagged as intruders, the party is forced to fight past the construct. The defeated machine’s death cry calls out Ironteeth, a strange kobold creature who is busy excavating the ancient machinery of the Zwergen. Unconvinced by their right to be snooping around, Iroonteeth and his swarm of motes fails to thwart the party and is defeated.

The party barely catch their breath and as they investigate the kobold’s workshop a foul Entropic construct, made of multiple fleshy bodies and Zwergen machine parts, gives them battle. Barely held in check by Odo and Clank, Jecht and Sieg assist to defeat the robot and its automated defense turrets.

Relic of Torus - Adventure Summary
GM Summary of Events

The party are woken up in the middle of the night and discover a murdered body in the village square of Bethel. Gregor Schulz asks them to assist his investigations which leads them to the Grundkirk. They console the wife of the murdered gypsy man. She is catatonic in her despair about her missing children. Not wishing to leave her in the rain Siegmeyer ‘Sieg’ Schtauffen brings her along.

The party encounter raised dead, fitted with bionic attachments, in the graveyard of the Grundkirk. They watch in shock as Gregor Schulz is beheaded by some trap. After defeating them, they rescue the two children who depart for safety with their mother. The party investigate one of the crypts and Zytas makes a racket gaining access through the roof.

The main Grundkirk building is sealed in some necrotic force field and the nearby well is covered with ghostly ivy that corrupts Zytas. Unexpectedly, the forcefield drops and one of the party is teleported within its walls, to confront a foul plant-like abomination whose corrupted roots have spread within the pews. After a short struggle, the abomination’s spawns and possessed bats and rats are defeated by the party.

Whilst catching their breath, Deacon Bazmarl enters the Grundkirk and accuses them of stealing a book. Gregor Schulz, quite alive, and several deputies come and arrest the party. They are taken to the Gaol in the Constabulary where they meet Rsazhek.

In the morning, Mayor Adelson holds an arraignment for the party and they are to be sentenced to death when they make their escape. Fleeing into nearby Thalonwood, they encounter a lumberjack who informs them he heard constables chasing after a gypsy woman and her two children in the early hours of the morning. The party follow the trail to the nearby Uliath river and the trail splits in two at the crossing.

The party head up stream and find a cave by a waterfall. There they encounter Graun mercenaries armed with grenades and defeating them, gain entrance into the cave system. Deep inside the caves they discover Entropic cultists worshipping at the feet of an Eldritch machine. Led by the heretic Pang, who was expelled from the Grundkirk for his immoral augmentations, the cultists fight the party. The Eldritch machine hums to life with the sacrifice of the cultists’ blood but unable to full deactivate it, the party let it lie dormant when the last of the cultists is killed.

The party discover a secret passageway that leads all the way to Bethel and out through the corrupted well in the outside yard. Escaping the flooding of machine water, they gain admittance to the Grundkirk.

The party discover that a line of the local population has gathered around a bonfire in the graveyard and are one by one sacrificing themselves to Entropy under the watchful eyes of more cultists. Amongst the bewitched citizens about to die is the mayor and Gregor Schulz. Despite efforts to halt the macabre immolation, the suicidal tendencies cannot be stopped. So the party follow their investigations in the village of Bethel which leads them to the Deacon’s house.

There they are confronted by Deacon Bazmarl who has been fully corrupted by Entropy. Defeating his constructs and living dead, the party put an end to the Deacon’s heresy and return Bethel to normalcy with much thanks from the Mayor and others who are returned to their saner, free selves.

Odo's Diary (Session 1)

I hate Arbentags, it’s raining and there’s a maggot in my ale. I’m about to give the innkeeper a piece of my mind when a blood curdling scream cuts through the night. I grab Molly, my warhammer, and look about; the innkeeper is visibly shaking, he isn’t going to be much use so I head out into the night alone.

As I run into the village square I’m confronted by a motley assortment of people milling about a gruesome scene. I can see a Weismagir clinically inspecting the corpse of a man who has been brutally gutted while to the side a medical type is comforting a screaming woman. To their left an angular, pointy looking man is surveying the scene with a detached air of interest and just behind him is a shifty looking chap with a nasty pair of axes.

The head of the guard, Gregor, is wandering about, looking a bit overwhelmed so I head over to see if he needs help. He mumbles something about a church before shouting out ’You’ve got my back Odo’ and charging off into the center of village. Shifty sprints after him, they seem to be heading towards a church that is glowing an ominous green.

It’s going to be one of those nights.

I head after Gregor, he’s a decent sort and I doubt he’s equipped to deal with the sort of shit I suspect is ahead. I catch up to Shifty at the entrance to graveyard as he runs straight past me back out into the village. As I step forward I notice what looks to be Gregor’s decapitated body lying on the ground. Behind me I hear the other people from the square arrive and I become acutely aware Shifty is standing directly behind me.

I check my belt pouch is still there.

I hear someone whispering behind me (The Weismagir?) it seems she’s spotted something , as I strain my eyes three figures emerge from the darkness. To my left the world seems to warp slightly and one of the figures seems to partially explode in fountain of ichor then everything goes to hell in hand basket. There is magic flashing all around me and I seem to be fighting some freaky beardless Zwergen abomination who’s trying to take a bite out of Shifty. I charge forward only to find myself flipped into the air by something.

I don’t think anyone noticed but I try to look nonchalant anyway.

As I engage the last of the enemies Shifty starts rolling about in the graveyard fountain before leaping up and hacking the zombified beastie in front of me into mince meat, flicking some of the rancid flesh into my face in the process.

I’m not sure but I think he may have done that on purpose.

The Doc shouts that the woman’s children are hiding in one of the buildings, I go to tell them it’s safe to come out.

They don’t like me.

I leave the kids to the Doc when a racket breaks out on the other side of graveyard, Shifty and Pointy seem to have gotten in a fight with a tomb door. Shifty then climbs up on top of the tomb and we all hear an almighty crash and then nothing. Guess that’s him dead then.

Nope, after a while the tomb door creaks open and he steps out looking suspiciously blasé..

Tomb robbing not seeming like the most pressing issue at the moment I follow the Weismagir off towards the church. Shifty sprints ahead of us and then is abruptly knocked on his arse by something. After a bit of investigation by the more magically inclined it seems like the church is being protected by some sort of entropic force field.

Looking for another way in the Doc points out a nearby well filled with weird looking twitching vines. While we’re discussing what to do Shifty sticks his hand in the well, he screams and when he pulls his arm out its covered in a weird looking rash. He’ll probably want to get an ointment for that.

No one fancies going down the well after that so we start tossing stuff at the force field. Dead matter seems to interact with it weirdly and when the Doc tosses Gregor’s head at the field it suddenly un-rots into what is clearly not Gregor’s head. Wonder who the stiff at the gate was then?

The Doc puts some ointment on Shifty’s arm and abruptly pushes the arm into the forcefield. The arms sizzles and there is a smell of bacon in the air.

Note to self: Do note piss the Doc off before treatment.

Pointy has been staring intently at the church for ages, I go to prod him when a number of things happen all at once.

1. Someone lets one off, a really foul eggy smell fills the air.
2. Pointy vanishes
3. While I’m left pondering what the hell just happened, someone works out how to get through the forcefield and everyone charges forward towards the church leaving me lagging behind.

As I run after the others an agonizing scream rips through my head, it seems like it’s coming from inside me but from the dazed looks on the other’s faces I can tell they can hear it too.

I rush into the church, past Shifty, who is in the process of making kebabs out of the local bat population, and straight into a giant green plant-monster-thing. Pointy is on the other side of it, all around him the world seems to be warping and tearing as smaller plants monsters and whisp like beings are being shredded left right and center. The plant screams again but I’m ready for it this time, I start swinging and the madness of combat descends upon me again.

As the haze clears I realise I’ve been pummeling a dead plant for about ten minutes. I have a vague impression that the plant was spoking to me just before it died; it told me we could have been wonderful together but that seems a bit disturbing to contemplate so I turn to survey the aftermath.

The Doc is tending to Pointy and Shifty who are lying prone on the floor, they both look pretty battered. The Weismagir seems to have been busy I can see the remains of some of the smaller plant beasts being dragged into the shadows by dark and bloody claws. I look away, there are some things it’s better not to ask about.

The air turns sulfurous as some one lets one off again. I start to turn round to ask who did it this time when I see red smoke billowing out of the vegetable remains.

Shouting a warning I heft Molly into position, ready for another fight.


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