Age of Wyrm

DragonWithout the Sun Forge, the ancient elementals were forced to retreat to the darkness.

In their stead, the Wyrm were born of the world but with rich veins of elemental power. They weaved magic in their native tongue and took the form of the reptiles that worshipped them as gods.

Legions of their followers made constant war to furnish their lairs with treasure. The Wyrm loved precious metals and minerals above all else, treating living things as playthings.

Their age came to an end when the Echze, which had been enthralled by the Wyrm, rebelled against their tyranny, guided by Weismagier, arrivals from the Fey realm.

In the final battle of the age, the Weismagier banished the Wyrm, creating the Gate at the heart of what was once the Sun Forge.

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Age of Wyrm

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