The Grundkirk or Church of Reason is the primary organised and official philosophical society within the Kingdom of Kreisvolk.


The Grundkirk is a hierarchical society much like the Kingdom in which it mirrors and shapes.

  1. The Archbishop is the leader of the Grundkirk. He is elected by a Council of Bishops.
  2. Bishops are appointed to their position by the local Council of Elders of each Bishopry.
  3. Deacons are appointed by Bishops as local administrators for buildings within their Bishopry.
  4. Professors are clerics within the Grundkirk and the first hierarchical rung.

Rational Creed

The tenets of the Grundkirk’s beliefs can be summarised by the Rational Creed which all followers must accept as a basis of :

  1. I believe in the rational mind and its ability to understand, explain and tame Nature.
  2. I believe in the primacy of experience over insight and the fallibility of Empathy.
  3. I believe in the power of ingenuity to overcome the decline and destruction of Entropy.


Whilst the Grundkirk despises all superstition and folksy rituals, its traditions are steeped in rituals founded in the spirit of academic discussion and the sanctity of knowledge. There is also an element of treating as sacred vessels of knowledge such as books.

Local congregations have many distinct rituals and these have to be reigned by the central authority to avoid schisms which occur regularly within the kirk especially when a new theory or technology divides opinion.


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