The Hospices are a guild of artificers concerned with medicine and health services within the Kingdom of Kreisvolk. The guild is deeply active in the rational understanding of bios (life) and germology (disease).


The Hospices have a collegiate atmosphere with a pecking order based on seniority. Each hospice has its own Standards and Ethics Committee composed of senior members who issue licenses to Doctors enforce the good practices associated with the hospice.

The Highgrace Hospice is the de facto standard bearer for all hospices with others associated with it by a Franchise Order which ensures they fall in line for the most part with its definitions of good medical practice.


There are two career paths for guild members:

  • Researchers are based in the Highgrace Hospice and conduct research into new treatments or understanding of bios or germology.
  • Doctors are field workers who can be found in most settlements. They are concerned with the treatment of the injured, wounded or ill by use of sanctioned medicines in return for a fee set by the guild.


Only artificers are allowed membership of the Hospices and must pay or be sponsored through certification by the Hospices to be called Doctors. There are no racial restrictions to join the guild and it is well represented by Volk, Weismagir and Wenigen.


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