Kraftimen Guild

The Kraftimen Guild is a powerful organisation within the Kingdom of Kreisvolk. Its members are artisans, engineers and other skilled workers who have exclusive rights to the various monopoly licenses for inventions and technologies awarded to the Guild.


The guild is organised into Chapters in each major settlement with the Brigtoon Chapter being the central organisation.

Each chapter is organised into a Brotherhood led by an Almater with the Brigtoon leader called the High Almater.

Below the Almaters are the Deans that manage the day to day business of the guild hall. Other members of the Faculty are simply called Learned Brothers.

Secrets and Monopolies

The Guild has exclusive monopolies on most inventions in the Age of Reason including Firearms, Gas Lighting and Steam Engines.


Only Mittelvolk may join the Guid as a members. However, Gasten may be enrolled as a servant of the guild with a bargain of continued access to the guilds secrets in return for work that typically takes a quarter of their working hours.

Members pay a guild fee of 15% of their rates or prices to the guild for continued membership.

Kraftimen Guild

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