Lord: Kaiser Alfred I
Chief Minister: Chancellor Morkovian
Population: 2,000,000 (80% Volk, 10% Zwergen, 5% Weismagir, 5% other)
Economy: Machinery, Finance, Whaling and Candescence.

Regisburg was built on the hills overlooking the Hydral Sea by the Edelmann house of Uthersonne who united the fractious lords into the kingdom. The city is protected by thick-stone walls and given the limited amount of available construction space; its buildings have expanded upwards into great towering blocks that house thousands of people each.

The Reichstag dominates the city skyline with its great shield baring the national heraldry in the center of the city. The great and the good debate matters of state in its lofty halls and offer their counsel to the Kaiser who is sovereign in all matters of the kingdom.

The hydraulic docks at the city’s south-eastern edge, known as the Waldoch, are home to the great Sealiners that harvest whales in the Hydral Sea. Their great machinery lifts the pre-processed carcasses and the barrels of unrefined blubber to be processed by the nearby industrial zone called the Fleishall.

On the eastern edge of the city, passenger steam ships dock at the Gnadock, ferrying traders to Brigtoon and Highgrace on regular schedules.



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