Steam Engines

The Zwergen are masters of crafting steam engines that power the machinery that drives agriculture, industry and transportation in the Kreisvolk. The Zwergen engines are powered by candescence giving them greater efficiency and reliability than the early coal models.

The greatest impact has been in farming where Edelmann landowners have invested heavily in tractors, ploughers and harvesters to make their lands more prosperous. This has meant fewer people working on the fields and more migration to the towns and cities of the kingdom.

Steam boats ply the Venasi strait making travel between Highgrace and Regisburg via Brigtoon common and affordable to Mittelvolk. The great whaling Sealiners harvest the prized whale carcasses of the Hydral Sea, turning their bones into fine bone favoured by dressmakers and the blubber into whale oil to be treated by the Weismagier into Candescence.

Autowagons, huge road travelling machines, make trade on land much quicker and safer than horses. The Edelmann own these expensive machines and their Zwergen crew, with space leased to Mittelvolk for a fee.


Steam Engines

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