Volk 2Volk nomadic tribes migrated from the Primori Plains to settle the lands around Venasi Strait, their settlements cradled between the mountains of Major Nadir and Axis Ascent.

Their agrarian society developed along feudal lines with many small fiefdoms being forged into the Kingdom of Kreisvolk under the Kaiser. The society is divided between the Edelmann (‘nobles’) who can own land and the Mittelvolk who are freemen.
Volk 3
The Volk have also colonized many of the islands of the Inner Sea and travelled to more remote parts of Torus in their time but only three major settlements are known to survive in the current Age: the magerium of Zorazi, the military keep of Highdel and the hedonistic commune of Porneia.

Some Volk have chosen to follow druidic beliefs of the Nature philosophy, living in remote communities beyond the kingdom. The Kaiser claims these reluctant citizens as his own and occasionally the Wehrmacht has the duty to put down rebellious barbarians who refuse to pay taxes and mistreat the Kaiser’s emissaries.

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