The Wehrmacht is the combined armed forces of the Kingdom of Kreisvolk.


It is composed of six distinct services:

  • Landsknecht – the main infantry forces
  • Hussars – the cavalry forces
  • Ingenieur – the engineers korps
  • Sturmtruppen – the mostly Graun shock troops
  • Reichmarine – the naval forces
  • Luftwaffe – the nascent air force

Command Structure

The Kaiser is the supreme commander of the Wehrmacht.

Each service has the following individual hierarchy of command:

  1. General
  2. Generalleutnant
  3. Generalmajor
  4. Brigadegeneral
  5. Oberst
  6. Oberstleutnant
  7. Major
  8. Stabshauptmann
  9. Hauptmann
  10. Oberleutnant
  11. Leutnant

Enlistment and Promotions

Only Volk may enlist in the Wehrmacht. However, other races may be conscripted by writ and this is especially true of the Graun who are captured and form the Sturmtruppen.

The command structure is meritorious but as the commander of the rank above has sole discretion on promotions to those below, all high level positions are traditionally held by Edelmann.


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