WeismagierThe Weismagir arrived on this world from the Fey realm towards the end of the Age of Wyrm. They worked to free the Echze from the harsh rule of the Wyrm and then settled along the Cronus Strait.

There they founded the great city of Zebah, where they sought to understand the great forces of Entropy. They used their arcane mastery to imbue plants with their own Fey spirit creating the race of Weis. However, some amongst their numbers fought to end this form of slavery, plunging Zebah into a ruinous civil war

Today Weismagir can be found living side by side the Volk where they are sometimes resented and occasionally victims of jealous mobs. Their talents are often employed by Edelmann who offer them a measure of protection from the mobs in return for their services in the arcane. They jealously guard the secret knowledge to craft Candescence.

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